T2 TEA store: melbourne, australia

Recently T2 opened a new store in the lovely Melbourne area of Chadstone.  The crew at T2 have an amazing vision when it comes to shop-fits, in-store design and packaging and their stores are beautiful.

T2, T2 tea

I also think that they have done a great job at introducing the non-tea public to the world of tea. Every good tea store should have tasting tables and samples on hand for both tea novices and aficionados to try and enjoy and T2 does this to no end.

The tasting tables at this new store featured one of my favorite teas red green vanilla “Fresh and light green rooibos blended with velvety vanilla spice is an elegant and refined sensation. Vanilla adds subtle sweetness to a delicate and mellow infusion that is easy to drink and full of flavor without overpowering the senses. No caffeine makes this perfect during the day and into the night.”

T2 teacups, T2

T2, T2 tea

The T2 tea journey started out in Melbourne and now have expanded really successfully across Australia (plus one in New Zealand too). Their creative agency, Sae Creative has really done a lovely job with the branding & creative. The stores have a treasure hunt come Alice in Wonderland quality to them which makes the whole in-store experience pretty amazing.

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2 Responses to “T2 TEA store: melbourne, australia”
  1. Tea Lady Mel says:

    I remember the first time I entered a T2 store. I seriously just wanted to live in there forever 😉

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