black tea news from kenya

tea picking, kenyan teaThere has been a lot of press coverage of the great tea news out of Kenya this week. Kenya’s central bank have said that tea output rose 61 percent in the first five months of the year due to good rains.  Kenya has also seen a boost to it’s tourist arrivals further boosted earnings in the sector.
Tea, the second-largest foreign exchange earner in the east African country. Farming accounts for about 25 percent of gross domestic product in East Africa’s biggest economy. Tea production in the country rose 61 percent to 183,946 metric tons in the year to May, the central bank said today.
The average price of tea from Kenya, the world’s biggest grower of black tea, added 2.1 percent to $2.87 per kilogram (2.2 pounds), Tea Brokers East Africa Ltd. said yesterday. Kenya’s economy may grow faster in 2010 than the government’s earlier target of 4.5 percent, fuelled by good rains that boosted tea production and “strong” expansion in tourism and manufacturing, Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta said Sept. 20.
In not as positive news, still out of Kenya, tea farmers affiliated with the Mununga Tea Factory have boycotted picking their crop (about 500 individuals) until a bonus payout issue has been resolved. The farmers have said they would not accept anything less than Ksh 42 per kilo of green leaf, ten shillings more than the Ksh 32 the company is offering as a final payout.
Kenyan tea output rises, tourism earnings up – The Africa Report September 2010
Kenyan tea farmers boycot tea picking – Kenya Broadcasting Corporation September 2010
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