lemon iced tea and memories of singapore with antony perring

antony perringAntony Perring is an Australian based food photographer, writer and stylist; he is also the co-founder of Cluki Food.

He kindly sent over his favorite tea photo and shared the story behind it with me.

“I do have a favorite tea picture – it’s of my Lemon Iced Tea with a lump of yellow rock sugar sitting on one of my favorite vintage spoons.  It was a really hot day last summer and the light was coming in through the glass bricks just-so; I love the way the light coming through the tea makes a watercolor effect on the paper.

Iced tea is something I came to love while living in Singapore. It is a drink that’s refreshing and suited to that tropical climate, and I can’t help thinking about the places and friendships I experienced when I was in Singapore whenever I make it.”

You can find the full recipe for Ant’s Lemon Iced Tea here.

Once upon a time Antony & I worked together, we both have a background in publishing, which we have now both taken online in our own food/tea and photography ventures, further proof that like minds tend to congregate together regardless of how many oceans are between them!

Antony can also be found on Twitter as @antonyjperring ; Clunki Food is @Clunkifood

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