boh tea plantation and the wwf orang-utans program, cameron highlands

cameron highlands

boh tea plantation, cameron highlands - creative commons by zi sheng via flickr

The Boh tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest producer of  black tea.  One thing I find really interesting about Boh is that since 2005 they have partnered with the Malaysian chapter of the WWF.

The aim of this partnership is to help rehabilitate the forest habitat for the orang-utan in the Supu Forest reserve, Bilit and river reserves along the Kinabatangan, Sabah. Since this program began over 14,100 trees have been replanted. Replanting forest trees in degraded areas enrich “wildlife corridors” that reconnect gaps in the forest, giving orang-utans and other animals greater mobility to feed, hunt or find mates over a wider area.

Isn’t it great when tea companies are socially and environmentally responsible and actively fund and participate in programs that make our world better.


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