private tea tastings at halcyon tea in san diego

James Bowman from Halcyon Tea in San Diego, California was kind enough to send me this photo, and a tell me a little about their private tea tastings.  For more info please visit their blog or website.

This is a setup we brought to a private event for one of our regular customers. We were asked to do a green tea tasting for a group of ten individuals. I love when we are able to focus a tasting on a single tea type. It is fun to show people just how much range the teas really have. I enjoy talking about the differences between Chinese and Japanese green teas, regional characteristics, how the teas are crafted, along with a little bit of history and lore.

People are often fascinated with the different wares we use for preparing the teas, which is what you see pictured here. We prepared teas ranging from Huang Shan Mao Feng, to a nice sencha, some roasted kukicha, matcha…along with several others.

We love being a part of enhancing someone’s day through sharing tea. And we hope it contributes in some small way to help spread the word about just how special tea and tea culture really is.

I just love those red tea canisters! Halcyon have a real organic, fair trade and eco focus and I’m very much looking forward to discussing this eco path in my upcoming interview with James.

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