talking about tea and travel with karol gajda of ridiculously extraordinary

Karol has one of my favorite blogs, it’s all about freedom, travel, health and life.

He’s a massive tea fan and a big traveler – what a perfect combination! He took some time to tell me about his tea choices and moving around the world.


Tell me about your site, how did you get to the point you’re at now.

My site is a place of inspiration. My goal is to inspire people to dream big, dream weird, and to live life actively.  Next: I’m going to BlogWorld, then my favorite city Austin, TX for 2 months, and then Brazil!

Tell me where in the world you are, how did you get there and where are you thinking of going next.

I’m in Michigan right now for 1 week visiting family/friends. I grew up here so I come back about once/year.  I don’t love Michigan and usually want to leave before I’ve arrived. But I love to see family/friends.

What does traveling mean to you.

I travel simply because it’s fun. When we’re young we dream of doing epic things with our lives and then as we get older we buy into the “go to school, get a job” way of life. That’s not fun.

What does tea mean to you.

Mmmm … I love tea! I’ve been drinking some amazing Rooibos Cinnamon, but I’m all out. I was also at a tea shop today (Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak, MI) and had some tasty dragon well.

What’s your favorite tea related memory or location and why is it special to you.

Growing up my Mom always drank tea, so I always drank tea. Memories of being freezing cold and drinking a hot cup of tea are always very fond ones!

What is your go-to feel-good tea.

Great question!  To be honest, I don’t have one. Because I’m traveling often I don’t actually buy much tea for home steeping.

When I’m at a cafe I try to usually get a tea I haven’t had before. In the case of the previously mentioned dragon well,  I’d had it before, but it came highly recommended so I had it again.

Can you tell me three of your favorite tea or travel blogs.

If I can be honest I don’t really read travel or tea blogs. I really love lately. That’s a bicycle touring blog, which I’m looking into doing next year. And that’s how my travel blog reading usually goes. I find travel blogs I’m interested in at the time, but don’t usually continue reading the same travel blog for long. Thanks for exposing me to your Travel and Tea blog though!

Thank you Deb! You rock!


Karol can be found at Ridiculously Extraordinary and on Twitter as @KarolGajda.  He also had one of the best 72 hour book sales in internet history (which I’m currently reading my way through), The Minimalist Book Sale, and sent the first 24 hours of profits to Third World entrepreneurs through

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