the differences between winter vs. spring harvested oolongs

This serene and beautiful photo comes from a post by Bon Teavant on the seasonal differences between Spring and Winter harvested oolong teas.

Spring teas can be likened to teenagers. They are vibrant, energetic, bursting with character, color, flavor and personality. They have been influenced by the drama of the torrential spring downpours and the variable temperatures and water volume available to them.

Winter teas…a bit more complex, but balanced and even.  Terroir influences on winter teas include light but more constant rain that downplays the drama and increases the steadiness and balance of the teas. Winter teas tend to be more golden and darker in color than spring teas and sometimes require slightly longer steeping times to get the optimal brew.

I love that simple differences in the environment (such as rain & light) can make such big differences in the way the tea looks and tastes.  It’s so interesting, things like this are a constant, and welcome, reminder that I  have so much more to discover and learn about tea.

You can find Bon Teavant on Twitter as @bonteavant, and on Facebook.


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