tea retail in the news: us and canada

Wes Anderson’s Pal Waris Ahluwalia Pops Tea Room Under NYC High Line – Fast Company [October 2010]

A tea room dedicated to love and history, the pop-up space is Ahluwalia’s latest foray into creative, cultural entrepreneurship. On offer are silver needle, Masala Chai, Assam teas, and of course Darjeeling–and all are from India.

Adagio opens their first ‘Tea Experience’ Retail Store – tearetailer.com [October 2010]

It’s been a little more than a week since we opened Adagio’s first Tea Experience Retail Store and the initial results are both good and also a bit surprising. Customer traffic is good, the product mix is shocking, and the challenge of balancing customer engagement and efficiency is proving, as expected, to be the greatest challenge

No longer your granny’s cup of tea – Ottawa Citizen [October 20110]

Tea is the second most consumed drink on the planet after water and David Segal is hoping to build an empire one tea shop at a time. “People see tea as traditionally Asian and British, but it’s so much more,” says the 29-year-old entrepreneur. “I want to sell tea in a fun, fresh, modern way.”

2 Responses to “tea retail in the news: us and canada”
  1. Please check out ‘World of Tea/Le Monde du Thé’ a new owner-operated tea shop in Ottawa on Richmond Road. The owners are a married couple: he is French Canadian and has lived in China for many years, while she is Chinese. They have a very large selection of Chinese and Taiwanese teas that they have imported themselves after visiting growers, famers, etc., and are extremely hospitable in offering tastings prepared gong fu style or in a gaiwan. Much better I think than the commercial entrepreneurs where tea is but a business vehicle! (They also have black teas from the subcontinent.)

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