tea review: orange pu-erh from the chicago tea garden

Without a doubt the main reason I ordered these from The Chicago Tea Garden was because they were just so damn cute.  Pu-erh in a tiny orange? Yes please!  I think life’s to short to not try aged tea in a mini orange (amongst other things!)

These tiny oranges, known as clementines in the United States, are hollowed out and filled with tea, and then aged. These were obtained in Guandong, China, in 2005 and have since been aged in man-made pu-erh caves in the United States.

When my box of tea arrived in the mail these mini-oranges were in this great stainless steel canister, with four individually wrapped mini-oranges.

After a little direction from Tony, I broke off a small piece of the orange rind, gave it a rinse and then added it to the pot, along with a scoop of leaves (perhaps one-third of what was in the orange).  After a short wait the orange smell was really evident, but I was quite pleased when I realized that the smell was stronger than the taste.  The tea was smooth, a little malty, composty and earthy and the taste got more and more gentle with each steeping.  I am a total Pu-erh novice but this was a really good tea and I’m pleased that I still have two oranges to go.

If you’d like to try this tea, just add a sample to your next Chicago Tea Garden order for $3. What a simple and inexpensive way to get introduced to new teas.


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