beyond the tea store: why blogging and photography are important for tea companies

70 year old tea-master hand rolling japanese gyokuro

I love this photo. Seeing things like this remind me I have so much more to learn about tea, and that I always will.  I imagine that this man has been around tea his whole life, a life which is already more than twice as long as mine. What I’d give to just sit and have a few pots of tea with him and listen to him tell tea stories.

Gyokuro is a fine and expensive type of green tea from Japan. It differs from the standard green tea known as sencha (煎茶), because it is grown under the shade rather than the full sun.

This photo was taken by Jing Tea and I came across it while preparing for an interview with the guys there (which will be posted in a week or so!).  You can see more tea-travel photos by Jing in their Flickr sets.

They also have a blog, and I think this is becoming the hallmark of a great tea company. I want to see the people behind my tea, I want to see where it comes from and what goes into making it; I also want to be reminded why there is so much more to learn about tea, the people involved and about tea history.


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