matcha green tea macarons

I love matcha.  Matcha desserts and ice creams are a special favorite of mine (have you seen this delicious matcha and coconut ice cream recipe my friend Antony Perring developed? it’s so good!).

Christina has a great blog, she’s a real foodie and documents her travels  and gastronomic experiences over at food, je t’aime; and this is where I found this matcha macaron post.

These matcha (green tea) macarons are something I’m particularly proud of. I love the beautiful green color the matcha powder gives to the macaron shells. Although I still followed the basic macaron recipe I’ve alway used, the slightly bitter matcha powder actually helped to tone down the sweetness a little.

You can find all the instructions for making this tea-inspired dessert here.

One Response to “matcha green tea macarons”
  1. leona says:

    oh my! these look absolutely delicious!

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