an interview with emilee of “look at this mug!” [chronicles of a teacup obsessed anglophile]

You clearly have a love for teaware and tea design, what are your favourite styles of teaware and is there something you’ve been searching for that you have yet to find.

My tastes are actually pretty wide. I love all things vintage/antique, but I also love kitschy things. My favorite style, if I had to choose, though, would be the Royal Albert collection. I am particularly in love with the 100 Years of Royal Albert 1900-1940 collection. Oh how I wish it weren’t so expensive! However, I would most definitely settle for the Regency piece in the mug style which is much more affordable

As far as something I’m searching for and have yet to find I’d say more affordable vintage pieces. The antique stores in Houston, Texas don’t have what I’m looking for. I know I’ll be scouring thrift stores when I visit London next year.

What does tea mean to you.

For me, tea is inner peace. I can be totally frazzled and stressed and all I need to do is take a few minutes to go through the process of boiling the kettle, measuring the leaves, steeping the tea, and by that first sip my mind is clear again.

What do you think great teaware adds to the tea experience.

I definitely think it makes it more fun or sophisticated, depending on your chosen cup (and saucer). To me, tea tastes better when sipped from a cup that has memories attached to it. I love drinking Earl Grey in the morning from my great-great-grandmother’s last remaining china cup. Especially with the vintage or secondhand pieces, I like to sit and wonder at the previous owner’s life. Was tea time a ritual for them as it was for me?

As a writer, I’ve filled pages and pages of notebooks with the possibly fictional lives of other tea lovers.

Right, time for some beautiful photos – can you show me three of your all time favourite teaware pieces, they could be tea cups, teapots, or even an amazingly styled magazine piece that is tea-centric.

Oh dear, it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to just three!

Well, I’ll start with my own personal collection (which is hardly getting started!). This shelf is in the corner of my room right above my writing desk, so everything is readily available.

In this picture you see the following:

Top shelf: (left to right) Le Creuset red mug from Sur La Table, purple mug from L’Auberge du Lac casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and my tree stump mug made by Patch NYC for Anthropologie.

Middle shelf: Butterfly mug from the Wynn Encore hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Monogrammed tea cup from Anthropologie, Harney and Sons Paris tea (black with vanilla and citrus and my current favorite), fabric covered tea tin holding Tazo China Tips tea (I cover the tins myself), and a cabbage mug from Anthropologie that is no longer available.

Bottom shelf: Tazo teas in Earl Grey and Green Zen, From the Deep tea cup and saucer from Anthropologie, and my Great-great-grandmother’s white china tea cup that I mentioned above. Also on the bottom shelf are Penguin Deluxe Classics including Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and House of Mirth.

Another set I love is the Victorian Tea cup and saucer set from Plasticland. This set has received, far and above, the most likes and reblogs on Tumblr. Even though it was posted at the end of November, it gets about 10 likes or reblogs a day still.

And let’s see, one last piece. I definitely want to show off this piece: the tea cup chandelier from Napa Style. It’s insanely expensive, but I hope to one day have this piece hanging in a parlor in my future London flat.

Quote from Napa Style:

Our wonderfully creative lights are made from antique silver utensils and teacups gathered by our favorite antique dealer. Both styles . Teacup chandeliers have forged-iron frames lined with curled spoon handles hooking assorted teacups (or use your own cups for a personalized touch). Teacups are removable/replaceable. Ceiling canopies for hardwire mounting and adjustable chains.  Antique flatware and teacups vary as each piece is one of a kind.


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