tea design: functional stoneware pottery with pat parker

Tell me a little about what you design and make – what got you into tea, and into designing teaware.

First of all, thank you for inviting me.  You have a wonderful and interesting blog!  I make all kinds of functional stoneware pottery, and the teapot is the most demanding of all the forms I make.  I think it is also the most beautiful.

There are many choices to be made before designing the pot.  Shape of body, spout, lid, foot and handle.  All must be in balance and most important of all, must keep the tea hot and pour without dripping.  I also like to make the teacups to go with most of my pots.  I am working on a custom order now, with a large seashell on the pot, and smaller seashells on the cups. 

The donut is a pot shape I love to make, but is really for a collection, not too practical for use.  It is made on the wheel forming a closed, hollow cylinder and then cut and formed.  I use a black one that sold as my avatar. 


What is your inspiration when designing, are there other designers or external sources that you draw upon.

I like to try different ideas with my teapots.  My ghost leaf teapot was a happy accident.  I put some leaves on the pot and then sprayed white over them.  After they were fired, the white glaze had melted into the blue, leaving a “ghostly”  impression.


Tell me where in the world you location.  What do you love about the place you’re located.

I live in Sunny South Florida, and I love the weather, the beach, the art fairs, the Florida keys, the weather, the ocean, the parks, Disney Land, and did I say the weather.  I moved here 35 years ago from the frozen north, Wisconsin, and never looked back!

What does tea mean to you.

It means a hot soothing drink every night that refreshes and makes me feel sooo good.

What’s your favorite tea related memory or location and why is it special to you.

My mother bringing me a glass of warm tea with milk in it whenever I was sick.

Can you tell me about your favorite tea-shop or favorite teaware line (and what makes it totally wonderful).

I found this wonderful authentic English Tea room near me.  They have Afternoon & High Tea’s.  You can have tea parties there.  I haven’t been to one, but I am thinking of having a party there just to experience it.

Where can people find your designs or get in touch with you.


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