tea reveiw: tikuanyin reserve oolong from halcyon tea

tikuanyin comp. reserve oolong

I felt very lucky to be trying this tea, a special reserve of Tikuanyin via Halcyon Tea in San Diego.  It arrived with a hand-written note, and a lovely tea quote, which although not directly tea-related absolutely added to the experience for me. This is why I love dealing with tea people, it’s not just about the product, but about the experience, and the personal touch.

This oolong is just lightly oxidized, visually pretty, lovely tightly formed nuggets of leaf; and it was intensely floral.  It was complex and stood up to lots of steepings, each a little different but all lovely.  I know I’m biased, oolongs are my tea, my go-to happy tea, and this one just didn’t disappoint, if you have the chance, or are in the neighborhood drop by Halcyon tea, say Hi to James and have a pot.


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