tea design with justine goss of the brilliant trees collective

Tell me a little about what you design and make – what got you into tea, and into designing teaware.

I design and print a range of Edgy Chic Home-wares – Tea Towels at the moment but I am currently in “create” mode and I am looking at expanding into other products. I have just finished some gorgeous “Marrakesh” style designs that I am really excited about! I love Home-wares – I have worked in this area along with Interior Design for many years but it’s always been the details that have captivated me. A little colour here, a quirky piece there – it really captures personality. I love that you can have a classic modern interior but have one of my “Regency Skull Kitchen Towels” hanging in the kitchen or a quirky cushion on the sofa just to mix it up a bit.

chinese bamboo

What is your inspiration when designing, are there other designers or external sources that you draw upon; or do you have any design heroes.

I love music so that has a huge influence on my designs – hence the “Edgy Chic” theme. My husband is an artist – airbrush and tattoo, and the vast scope of his work intrigues me and is inspiring. There are so many amazing talented people out there in so many mediums and I get my influence from many – Marc Newsom – stunning furniture and industrial design (remember the metal lounge in Madonna’s “Rain” video), Jeff Gogue – tattoo artist and painter, beautiful watercolours’ and his use of shots of colour along with black and grey is exceptional. Ferm Living – gorgeous homewares, textiles and wallpaper; I want my business to be them when it grows up.

Tell me where in the world you location. What do you love about the place you are; and what’s the story behind the journey.

I live in Brisbane, Queensland – just north of the city, still suburbia but peaceful. We moved to Brisbane about 15 years ago and love it. We would like to move either near the beach or up in the mountains, but still be close enough to the city so we don’t miss out on seeing concerts and other fun things. But ultimately our goal is to have a place that is creative and allows our family and friends to feel at home there too.

tea towel designs by brilliant trees

What does tea mean to you.

Relaxing – I start the day with it and finish with it too. It helps me think and clear my mind. I also love the ritual behind it – beautiful china, preparing and steeping the tea. It’s so nice to catch up with friends over Tea!

What’s your favorite tea related memory or location and why is it special to you.

A girlfriend gave me a gift of a beautiful Floral T2 cup and saucer for my birthday a few years ago and I have slowly added to my collection since. I just love the different colours and patterns and of course every time I have a cup of tea from these cups it reminds me of her.

Can you tell me about your favorite tea-shop or favorite teaware line.

I love T2 because the have such amazing flavours and the range is always changing so I love to pop into their shops from time to time to see what is new. My favourite is “crème brulee” – yum!  There is also this gorgeous little Tea Shop in Brisbane city – The Tea Centre – gorgeous range and it’s so nice to be able to have a lovely cup of tea while I am out shopping.

Where can people find your designs or get in touch with you.

I am on Twitter and Facebook but head to my website – and I have all my links all in one spot – nice and easy. Visit the “Store” tab and find links to my Etsy and Made It stores where you can by my range. Plus you can also sign up to my mailing list there as well where you will be first in line to find out about my new products and ranges and any promotions I have running.

moroccan star

2 Responses to “tea design with justine goss of the brilliant trees collective”
  1. Sonya Burrows says:

    What an amazing lady Justine is. I’ve several of her tea towels, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to actually start using them as tea towels – they are just so gorgeous! Justine gave her fans a peek at some of her up coming Marrakesh inspired designs recently, I just can’t wait to get my hands on some of them!

    • travel&tea says:

      I totally agree Sonya, I love bold graphic prints, strong colours and I love Florence Broadhurst – and Justine manages to have elements of all of these things in her work! [for those of you not familiar with Florence, check these patterns out: http://goo.gl/BQv42 ]

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