tea, travel and photography: travelling teadom

Sriparna Ghosh is the person behind one of my new favourite websites, Travelling Teadom; and I think perhaps, my long lost twin. She also runs a graphic design firm out of New Delhi, India and is a keen photographer, you can find more of her photography on Flickr.

I asked Sriparna to tell me a little about what tea and travel mean to her; and how this project came to be.

In her own words:

Travelling Teadom is a project which involved photographing every cup of tea (or coffee) that I drink on my travels, in a way that best complements the surroundings. If the place is pretty it helps, and so does an exotic looking cup or glass. On some occasions, I have ended up clicking more than one photo of the same cup against different locations. Its like that feeling when they say “you can’t have enough of something”.

Almost all my travels take me to super cold places, where tea, or anything hot is warmly welcome. Drinking tea is a great uplifter, it lets me keep awfully quiet at times or it lets me talk my brains out on other occasions.  This documentation of my tea sessions allows me to recall the great times, and atmospheres, and sometimes it even lets me remember the taste of the tea.

I can always drink tea at home, and I can always photograph random things around me. But both activities become ever so special when it comes to travel. All of them come together as one big happy travelling teadom.

What tea, travel and photography mean to me:
In India, there is a common misconception which has led people to believe that those who drink tea become dark. But my mother, who got into the habit of drinking tea when she was young, clearly saw no sense in this oft believed non-fact. So, I grew up in a home where tea is served after every bout of sleep because “It wakes you up. Properly”.

As I grew up, I started experimenting with more types of tea, and extended the scope by sometimes having 4-5 cups a day. Its like my daily mate and a lot of times, when I am lying in my bed without any mood to get up, the visual of a cup waiting for me, makes me get up.

I started travelling when I was in college, and I take it very seriously. The Himalayas, which are very close to home, are a great inspiration for me, to keep working, to keep earning, and to keep going there. I travel 5-6 times a year, some are short and some extend over weeks.

Photography was just part of my curriculum in college, but that led me to my first slr. I have obsessed over many things through the lens : empty benches, dogs, clouds, lakes etc. But I can safely say that it was this project of teadom (which I initially started using a point and shoot), the results and the appreciation, that made me want to invest into a DSLR. It was a big investment for me, but through it, my longing for a cup of tea on the hills has multiplied many times over.

My skin tone is still the same, and it has never complained about the high altitude suntan, or the skin peeling resulting from it.

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