tea design: q&a with tea illustrator hennie haworth

Hennie Haworth is a freelance illustrator that lives and works in London. She studied illustration at Brighton University and now has the most amazing list of clients.  I had a quick Q&A with Hennie about tea and how it’s incorporated into her work and life.

On a non-tea note, she has designed a beautiful Furoshiki (which is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used in multiple ways, for gift-wrapping all sorts of things, or you can tie it into a handbag or use it as a scarf, a baby blanket or even a wall hanging) and 100% of the proceeds will go towards Japanese disaster relief, you can purchase this via Etsy.

You can find Hennie on Twitter as @henniehaworth and on Facebook. Click any of the images to go through to her beautiful website, where you can purchase her work.

Tell me a little about what your designs, and why you feature tea and tea culture.

I have been designing a range of products, including bags, mugs, cards, cushions and tea towels. This first collection is based around a tea theme, so lots of cups and saucers and patterns. I chose to start with a tea range because it’s something I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and it’s such a wide subject so I can always be coming up with new ideas and adding them to the series. [These items will be available in Hennie’s website mid-April]

Tea themed gift cards, cushion and tea towel

What is your inspiration when designing, are there other designers or external sources that you draw upon.


Mostly when I’m drawing I look for the colours and patterns in things. This tea range has been great for that, with all the decoration and shapes in old fashioned bone china to play with.

On a personal level, what does tea mean to you.

Tea means having a lovely breakfast when you have time to relax!

What’s your favourite tea related memory or location and why is it special to you.

I was recently in Japan, and have lots of lovely memories of drinking tea with friends in exciting places. We went camping in Hokkaido, where it’s quite chilly and it was really nice to wake up and boil the kettle on our little camping stove.

Tea Cups at Saatchi

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