cameron highlands: the beginning of a tea journey. a guest post by melanie lee

My earliest memory of drinking tea is in Cameron Highlands, a hillside town in Malaysia where tea plantations are grown 1,500 meters above sea level. Formerly a British colony until 1957, homesick English troops based here used to head up to this cool, mountainous area to escape the tropical humidity, and of course sip tea … Continue reading

tea for trees: an interview with BOH tea on corporate social responsibility & replanting 18,000 rainforest trees

BOH Tea is located in the beautiful Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, where they are the countries largest producer of black tea and have been a household name since the 1920’s (much like Lipton or Tetley are in other parts of the world).   I have covered them briefly in the past, through photo posts, mainly because … Continue reading

photo: sungai palas boh tea plantation, cameron highlands

tea destination: cameron highlands, malaysia

This amazing photo of the Boh plantation in the Cameron Highlands was taken by Jeremy Chan.  The intense colors are due to the tone mapping, which makes it look a little like a HDR photo; as if those hills needed help looking like velvet!

boh tea plantation and the wwf orang-utans program, cameron highlands

The Boh tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest producer of  black tea.  One thing I find really interesting about Boh is that since 2005 they have partnered with the Malaysian chapter of the WWF. The aim of this partnership is to help rehabilitate the forest habitat for the orang-utan in the Supu … Continue reading

tea tourism and travel in the news: malaysia

Rural Tourism in Malaysia: Tea is a major focus of Malaysian rural tourism High Tea in Malaysia: Tea tourism attracts travelers to the Cameron Highlands Resort, where classic tea service is provided right on the plantation grounds. Photographs for TIME by Peter Hunt [April 2010] It’s Tea Time [April 2010]

velvet green hills: tea plantation in cameron highlands, malaysia

Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia via Flickr

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