matcha cupcakes and honest blogging with monica at delissimon

I’ve posted about tea in New Zealand before, after all it’s the home of Zealong oolong tea. Now I’d like to introduce you to another Kiwi tea connection – Monica has a really inspiring blog, Delissimon, which is where I found these matcha and kiwifruit cupcakes. I frequently mention how I love transparency when it … Continue reading

zealong: pure new zealand oolong tea – an interview with vincent chen

Traditionally, oolong tea has always been grown in China and, more recently, Taiwan. These regions have for centuries grown famous oolong varieties such as Tie Guanyin and Da Hong Pao, to name a few.  Now, there is competition joining the ranks of oolong growing countries, from somewhere better know for spectacular landscapes, Peter Jackson films, sheep and outdoor sports, and now, … Continue reading

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