matcha green tea macarons

I love matcha.  Matcha desserts and ice creams are a special favorite of mine (have you seen this delicious matcha and coconut ice cream recipe my friend Antony Perring developed? it’s so good!). Christina has a great blog, she’s a real foodie and documents her travels  and gastronomic experiences over at food, je t’aime; and … Continue reading

matcha green tea ice cream

Matcha green tea ice cream: the perfect balance between bitter, sweet & creamy. I remember my first time trying matcha tea ice-cream, it was a mini tub of Haagen Dazs from a vending machine at the hotel we were staying at in Kyoto, way back in 2005.  Then , when we were back in Australia I’d always order it … Continue reading

travel + tea interview: akila and patrick of the road forks

the travel + tea interviews series: bloggers, writers and photographers sharing about their experiences with tea, travel and writing. __ Tell me about your blog, how did you get to the point you’re at now and what are you thinking of doing next? We started our blog to document our culinary journey around the world … Continue reading

creamy matcha frozen yoghurt: stay cool!

This matcha frozen yogurt recipe can be found here, at I was also pointed in the direction of this wonderful matcha ice cream recipe by the helpful folk at DoMatcha; who also happen to have a collection of matcha based recipes on their own site.  

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