tea marketing: an interview with lindsey goodwin

How do you go about marketing a product, found the world over, that all stems from one plant?  After all, all tea comes from Camellia sinensis (or a varietal of it), and yet there are thousands of different tea retailers out there selling all types of tea under all sorts of brands.  Many of them … Continue reading

tea store eye candy: a visual tour from chilie to france

I’ve said it previously but to me tea isn’t just about the leaf, and I wanted to share some of the beautiful tea store, tea house and tea retail photos I’ve come across recently – from all over the world. Some of them certainly have a  “kid in a candy store” vibe to them don’t … Continue reading

social media for tea companies – q and a with five tea retailers

I’m of the belief that social media can be a very useful part of a company’s advertising and communications strategy, but it is just a part, not the be all and end all.  After all, a successful business is a profitable one, not just one with the most Twitter followers. Tony Gebely said that “social … Continue reading

starting a tea company with tony gebely of the chicago tea garden

Tony Gebely is the founder of the Chicago Tea Garden; a tea store based out of, you guessed it Chicago. He’s the official US supplier of the New Zealand oolong, Zealong, and he sells the most adorable wild orange pu-erh tea I’ve ever seen.  Tony took some time to answer my questions about setting up a tea company, … Continue reading

responsible tea marketing: the truth behind tea and health with anita haworth

I first came across Anita Haworth while reading this piece in the Daily Record, “How a nice cuppa is actually good for your health” [published in September 2010]. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of talking with her about tea and health, and responsible tea marketing. We’ve all seen health claims made about tea, often … Continue reading

interview with julie laurin, tea specalist at DAVIDsTEA

DAVIDsTEA is a Canadian tea retailer based out of Montreal  (with stores all over Canada). Their resident tea expert, Julie Laurin, took some time to answer my questions about tea stories, social media and what tea means to her. What does tea mean to you? Tea is relaxing, soothing, warmth, energizing, healthy, its the beverage … Continue reading

T2 TEA store: melbourne, australia

T2, T2 tea

Recently T2 opened a new store in the lovely Melbourne area of Chadstone.  The crew at T2 have an amazing vision when it comes to shop-fits, in-store design and packaging and their stores are beautiful. I also think that they have done a great job at introducing the non-tea public to the world of tea. … Continue reading

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