world tea photography part 1: china and mongolia

Welcome to a new series here at tea & travel – one where I plan explore some amazing tea-travel photography and hear a few words from the photographer, not just what the photo is of, and where it is but why it’s special and how it felt to be there.  This first series of photos … Continue reading

traveling to the tea fields of munnar, with nourishtea

Traveling to a tea estate, to see how tea is grown and produced is a dream for us tea lovers.  Just as wine lovers dream of going to Napa Valley, or to The Hunter Valley; or as chocolate lovers dream of going to Paris – the same can be said of tea, seeing it all … Continue reading

starting a tea company with tony gebely of the chicago tea garden

Tony Gebely is the founder of the Chicago Tea Garden; a tea store based out of, you guessed it Chicago. He’s the official US supplier of the New Zealand oolong, Zealong, and he sells the most adorable wild orange pu-erh tea I’ve ever seen.  Tony took some time to answer my questions about setting up a tea company, … Continue reading

tea planting in the kericho region of kenya

Between the Rift Valley and Lake Victoria, the region of Kericho lies at an altitude of 2,200 metres (7,200 feet); its soil has been impoverished by erosion, but its daily abundance of rain and sunshine makes it suitable for tea-planting. During the harvest, only the top leaves are picked. Every plant has its own unique … Continue reading

matcha at takaragawa onsen: thoughts from an english teacher in tokyo

Jacqueline, a very dear friend of mine from Australia has been living in Tokyo, Japan for the last few years working as an English teacher and tutor. We both share a love of travel and of Japanese green teas, and despite the distance chat all the time, something that I am so very grateful for.  … Continue reading

an interview with jeff fuchs: the tea horse road, living in yunnan and why simplicity equals quality

Jeff  Fuchs is a noted tea writer, traveler and explorer. He was the first Westerner to traverse the Ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the globe’s most arduous journeys and daunting trade routes. This trek took almost eight months to complete,the path of which took tea over 6,000 kilometers into the mighty Himalayas to sate … Continue reading

fukiage teahouse: rikugien gardens, tokyo

toy train journeys in india: tea estate travel

In the last week there have been two really great pieces written about some of the great Toy Train rail journey in India, and the tea estates and farms you can see along the way. This piece from Lonely Planet by Amelia Thomas: “Arriving in New Jalpaiguri, it is still a three hour drive up … Continue reading

travel + tea interview: akila and patrick of the road forks

the travel + tea interviews series: bloggers, writers and photographers sharing about their experiences with tea, travel and writing. __ Tell me about your blog, how did you get to the point you’re at now and what are you thinking of doing next? We started our blog to document our culinary journey around the world … Continue reading

boseong green tea plantations, korea

Boseong is famous for its green tea and currently produces about 40% of Korea’s green tea; the tea fields in this area cover several hundred kilometers and are really spectacular with their winding tea hedges. Within this Boseong area, the largest and most famous plantation is the Daehan Green Tea Plantation. Although this tea plantation … Continue reading

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