photo: flagstaff house museum of teaware, hong kong

Built in the 1840s, Flagstaff House originally served as the office and residence of the Commander of the British Forces in Hong Kong. It was converted to the Museum of Tea Ware in 1984, with a new wing, The K.S. Lo Gallery, added in 1995.  Alongside its exhibitions, the Museum holds regular demonstrations, tea gatherings … Continue reading

top posts: february 2011

Top posts for February 2011: travelling teadom: an interview with blogger and photographer Sriparna Ghosh. This site is absolutely one of my new favourites! tea processing chart – a super little chart explaining the journey from leaf to cup, one leaf so many possibilities… tea marketing: an interview with lindsey goodwin. T2 tea store: ‘T2’ … Continue reading

interview: matsu and akky at obubu tea, kyoto, japan

This interview is with two really interesting guys, Matsu and Akky of the Obubu tea plantation, located in Wazuka, in the southern most part of the Kyoto Prefecture, in Kyoto, Japan. A sincere thank-you to Ian Chun of Matcha Latte Media for translating my questions into Japanese, and then translating the answers back into English … Continue reading

tea, travel and photography: travelling teadom

Sriparna Ghosh is the person behind one of my new favourite websites, Travelling Teadom; and I think perhaps, my long lost twin. She also runs a graphic design firm out of New Delhi, India and is a keen photographer, you can find more of her photography on Flickr. I asked Sriparna to tell me a … Continue reading

tea technology: tea processing chart

Isn’t this a nifty little graphic?! It explains the different processing steps that tea leaves go through after they are picked. I came across it via this post on Lao Ren Cha (it was initially posted on the ever useful Chan Teas site).  Click the image for a larger version of the chart. There is … Continue reading

tea marketing: an interview with lindsey goodwin

How do you go about marketing a product, found the world over, that all stems from one plant?  After all, all tea comes from Camellia sinensis (or a varietal of it), and yet there are thousands of different tea retailers out there selling all types of tea under all sorts of brands.  Many of them … Continue reading

ancient tea trees and wild tea hunting in china

I stole the title for this piece from an article that Jay (the subject of this interview) wrote for the Chinese edition of Outside Magazine.  The subtitle was An American’s Inside Experience into the Deep Mysterious Culture of Ancient China which I think is equally inspiring. It’s a beautifully written piece, about Jay’s experiences in … Continue reading

the way of tea: an interview with jim (SOKI) herrmann

Jim (Soki) Herrmann has more than has more than 30 years experience with Chado, the Way of Japanese Tea Ceremony. He studied for a period of time at the Urasenke Headquarters in Kyoto, as well as with an advanced teacher in Tokyo for twelve years. He has received his teaching credentials and Tea Name (Soki) … Continue reading

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