[guest post] yerba maté: a love story written by torre deroche

I’d never heard of yerba maté until I met an Argentinean man. In the early days of our fling, I’d stay over at his apartment, and the first thing he’d do in the morning was prepare his maté. He’d spoon tea leaves into a rustic wooden cup, stick a decorative metal straw inside it and … Continue reading

q&a with sarah rose: tea and travel writer, author of ‘all the tea in china’

Sarah Rose is the author of For All the Tea in China: How England Stole theWorld’s Favorite Drink and Changed History [the true story of a 19th Century botanist who traveled undercover in Qing China to steal the secrets of tea for England and the East India Company — the largest act of corporate espionage … Continue reading

david mason on korean tea history and hiking the baekdu-daegan trail

David A. Mason is the Professor of Korean Tourism at Kyung Hee University in Korea, who has authored a number of books on Korean history, mountains and tea culture.  David took some time chat with me about drinking tea with Monks, what makes Korean tea special and the important Baekdu-daegan trail. __ You have lived … Continue reading

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