tea review: green tea chai from rishi tea

Green Tea Chai (Organic Fair Trade) The description of this tea on the Rishi website includes this phrase “…a well balanced break with tradition…diversion from your usual chai” and really that is spot on. This isn’t your regular chai, it’s what I imagine a chai would have evolved into in South East Asia rather than India.  Bright green tea, loads … Continue reading

tea review: tipu’s instant black chai

Most of the tea I drink is just leaves and water, milky teas are a bit of a treat, a bit like dessert in a glass. For me, matcha lattes and chai fall into this category.  When I opened the my instant black chai sample that Tipu’s sent me, I was immediately hit with the … Continue reading

chai wallah teapot display, india

A chai wallah’s display. Photo taken near Nai Sarak, Chandani Chowk, Old Delhi What is a chai wallah? I hear you ask.  A wallah is one who performs a specific task. A rickshaw wallah drives the rickshaw, a dhobi wallah washes clothes and chai wallahs, you guessed it, they make chai. Chai wallahs are everywhere … Continue reading

india’s tea tourists: tea lovers unite and say hello! to tea tourism

This piece on India and tea tourism was written by Meera Dattani and published in NRI in April this year (and is reproduced with her permission).  Meera has the kind of job that I truly covet, traveling and writing professionally, all the while covering topics like tea, food and travel.  You can read her travel writing … Continue reading

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