world tea photography part 1: china and mongolia

Welcome to a new series here at tea & travel – one where I plan explore some amazing tea-travel photography and hear a few words from the photographer, not just what the photo is of, and where it is but why it’s special and how it felt to be there.  This first series of photos … Continue reading

ancient tea trees and wild tea hunting in china

I stole the title for this piece from an article that Jay (the subject of this interview) wrote for the Chinese edition of Outside Magazine.  The subtitle was An American’s Inside Experience into the Deep Mysterious Culture of Ancient China which I think is equally inspiring. It’s a beautifully written piece, about Jay’s experiences in … Continue reading

q&a with sarah rose: tea and travel writer, author of ‘all the tea in china’

Sarah Rose is the author of For All the Tea in China: How England Stole theWorld’s Favorite Drink and Changed History [the true story of a 19th Century botanist who traveled undercover in Qing China to steal the secrets of tea for England and the East India Company — the largest act of corporate espionage … Continue reading

photo: lijian market, along the tea horse road, yunnan, china

The town of Lijian has a history going back more than 800 years and was once a confluence for trade along the old tea horse road. Jeff  Fuchs is a noted tea writer, traveler and explorer; he was the first Westerner to traverse the Ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the globe’s most arduous journeys … Continue reading

tea review: vanilla mint fair trade pu-erh from rishi tea

Vanilla Mint, Organic Fair Trade Pu-erh To be honest, I’m a bit of a pu-erh novice, I’ve had pu-erhs before, and liked them but I’m much better versed in the worlds of greens and oolongs.  Perhaps because this tea has familiar tastes in it, like cinnamon, vanilla and mint, or perhaps it’s because I could brew it chai-style, all milky … Continue reading

journey of a tea leaf: a pu-erh photo essay

William is a Frenchman living in China, he has been living over there for the last year; first learning Chinese in Kunming, then he moved to Banna to study tea on-field, with a focus on pu-erh.   William kindly shared this photo essay of his, one on the journey a tea leaf takes to become pu-erh … Continue reading

chinese tea buying, yixing zisha teapots and saying ‘no!’ to flavored tea with jennifer wood of the canton tea co.

The Canton Tea Co. are a specalist Chinese teas retailer, based out of the UK.  I had a chat to Jennifer Wood, one of the co-founders about choosing not to sell flavored teas, her favorite tea-ware and learning from the best in the tea business. Jennifer also worked for many years as a copywriter – … Continue reading

tea money: how fair trade is funding hospitals, tuition and clean drinking water in tea communities

[or, How Rishi Tea and the Xuan En Organic Fair Trade Cooperative are rocking the Fair Trade World] October is Fair Trade month, and to celebrate this and all the wonderful Fair Trade activity that has gone on this month (benefiting both farmers and tea drinkers alike!) I wanted to showcase the Xuan En Fair Trade … Continue reading

an interview with jeff fuchs: the tea horse road, living in yunnan and why simplicity equals quality

Jeff  Fuchs is a noted tea writer, traveler and explorer. He was the first Westerner to traverse the Ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the globe’s most arduous journeys and daunting trade routes. This trek took almost eight months to complete,the path of which took tea over 6,000 kilometers into the mighty Himalayas to sate … Continue reading

david hepburn on british tea culture, tea buying and looking for the perfect tie guan yin

David Hepburn, the Online Sales and Marketing Manager for JING Tea took some time to answer my questions on British tea culture, tea buying, looking for the perfect Tie Guan Yin and the world of tea photography. Part of the reason I love companies like this (Obubu Tea, Camellia Sinensis and Rishi Tea are just … Continue reading

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