[guest post] yerba maté: a love story written by torre deroche

I’d never heard of yerba maté until I met an Argentinean man. In the early days of our fling, I’d stay over at his apartment, and the first thing he’d do in the morning was prepare his maté. He’d spoon tea leaves into a rustic wooden cup, stick a decorative metal straw inside it and … Continue reading

guest post: the wonderful world of o-cha [a japanese tea festival]

I’m very excited to publish this post – tea and travel‘s first guest post!  This article and all the accompanying pictures have been contributed by Melanie Lee. Melanie is a trainer at Gryphon Tea Company an award-winning, Singapore-based gourmet tea company. Please visit her tea blog at and say hello on Twitter @melanderings. __ The … Continue reading

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