traveling to the tea fields of munnar, with nourishtea

Traveling to a tea estate, to see how tea is grown and produced is a dream for us tea lovers.  Just as wine lovers dream of going to Napa Valley, or to The Hunter Valley; or as chocolate lovers dream of going to Paris – the same can be said of tea, seeing it all … Continue reading

tea, travel and photography: travelling teadom

Sriparna Ghosh is the person behind one of my new favourite websites, Travelling Teadom; and I think perhaps, my long lost twin. She also runs a graphic design firm out of New Delhi, India and is a keen photographer, you can find more of her photography on Flickr. I asked Sriparna to tell me a … Continue reading

photo: tea estate in kerala, india

tea review: tipu’s instant black chai

Most of the tea I drink is just leaves and water, milky teas are a bit of a treat, a bit like dessert in a glass. For me, matcha lattes and chai fall into this category.  When I opened the my instant black chai sample that Tipu’s sent me, I was immediately hit with the … Continue reading

living on a tea mountain in darjeeling, india

Two school kids walking home in the mountainous town of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. These kids live amidst ubiquitous tea fields and beautiful Himalayan peaks in the distance. The mountain visible on the horizon is Kangchendzonga (or Khangchendzonga depending on who you ask), the third tallest mountain in the world (Mount Everest is farther west). … Continue reading

tea city: munnar, south-west india

I want to write a more in-depth piece on Munnar in the future, after I’ve had the chance to speak with some people that have toured there and lived there.  In the meantime I couldn’t wait to share these amazing photos of this tea town in India. Sprawling tea plantations, picture book towns, winding lanes, … Continue reading

chai wallah teapot display, india

A chai wallah’s display. Photo taken near Nai Sarak, Chandani Chowk, Old Delhi What is a chai wallah? I hear you ask.  A wallah is one who performs a specific task. A rickshaw wallah drives the rickshaw, a dhobi wallah washes clothes and chai wallahs, you guessed it, they make chai. Chai wallahs are everywhere … Continue reading

india’s tea tourists: tea lovers unite and say hello! to tea tourism

This piece on India and tea tourism was written by Meera Dattani and published in NRI in April this year (and is reproduced with her permission).  Meera has the kind of job that I truly covet, traveling and writing professionally, all the while covering topics like tea, food and travel.  You can read her travel writing … Continue reading

toy train journeys in india: tea estate travel

In the last week there have been two really great pieces written about some of the great Toy Train rail journey in India, and the tea estates and farms you can see along the way. This piece from Lonely Planet by Amelia Thomas: “Arriving in New Jalpaiguri, it is still a three hour drive up … Continue reading

tea tourism and travel in the news: india

Ten top Indian rail journeys – Guardian UK [September 2010]  Starting in West Bengal, the super-fast Rajdhani reaches Assam in no time, vast stretches of emerald green paddy and tea plantations on both sides.  Travelling at a speed of 12kmph, the Toy Train trundles through dense forests, curving around tea plantations and bringing you as … Continue reading

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