tea, travel and photography: travelling teadom

Sriparna Ghosh is the person behind one of my new favourite websites, Travelling Teadom; and I think perhaps, my long lost twin. She also runs a graphic design firm out of New Delhi, India and is a keen photographer, you can find more of her photography on Flickr. I asked Sriparna to tell me a … Continue reading

the way of tea: an interview with jim (SOKI) herrmann

Jim (Soki) Herrmann has more than has more than 30 years experience with Chado, the Way of Japanese Tea Ceremony. He studied for a period of time at the Urasenke Headquarters in Kyoto, as well as with an advanced teacher in Tokyo for twelve years. He has received his teaching credentials and Tea Name (Soki) … Continue reading

q&a with sarah rose: tea and travel writer, author of ‘all the tea in china’

Sarah Rose is the author of For All the Tea in China: How England Stole theWorld’s Favorite Drink and Changed History [the true story of a 19th Century botanist who traveled undercover in Qing China to steal the secrets of tea for England and the East India Company — the largest act of corporate espionage … Continue reading

tea design: abby berkson on why teapots are the masterclass for potters

Abby Berkson is a potter out Northampton, MA.   She had a BFA in ceramics from Alfred University; assisted Connie Talbot at High Hollow Pottery for four years before striking off on her own.  Abby has a love of textiles, children’s illustration and has spent lots of time teaching children’s ceramics classes – all of these … Continue reading

an interview and tea store tour with may king tea

While putting this interview together I was thinking back to how May King Tsang and I became friends. It was over Twitter that we became connected, May King was on her way to Australia, and I was on my way out of Australia, both of us about to begin (again!) the adventure of living overseas. May … Continue reading

growing tea in hawaii: an interveiw with michelle rose at cloudwater tea farm

Michelle Rose started growing tea at Cloudwater Farm near Kilauea on Kauai Island in Hawai’I back in 2002. This tea farm is in an area more know for sugarcane, pineapples and macadamia than for tea, but what’s happening at Cloudwater is really interesting: organic farming, hand rolling and artisan teas. Michelle’s interest in tea started … Continue reading

tea design: cristina espinosa of the heated, san francisco

This tea design interview is with Cristina Espinosa of The Heated, a design studio based out of San Francisco. She has built her business on the philosophy that less is more, and creates neat products with very little waste; designs are printed using water-based, non-toxic ink. Supplies are bought locally whenever possible and packages are … Continue reading

an interview with tyler gage on guayusa tea, fair trade and agroforestry in the amazon

Guayusa (pronounced “why-you-suh”) tea comes from a plant that is native to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, and is perhaps easily described as a cousin of yerba maté.  It’s a tea with a complex and revered social story, for many Ecuadorian indigenous people the morning drinking of guayusa is a social ritual; with families gathering at dawn … Continue reading

tea design with justine goss of the brilliant trees collective

Tell me a little about what you design and make – what got you into tea, and into designing teaware. I design and print a range of Edgy Chic Home-wares – Tea Towels at the moment but I am currently in “create” mode and I am looking at expanding into other products. I have just … Continue reading

tea for trees: an interview with BOH tea on corporate social responsibility & replanting 18,000 rainforest trees

BOH Tea is located in the beautiful Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, where they are the countries largest producer of black tea and have been a household name since the 1920’s (much like Lipton or Tetley are in other parts of the world).   I have covered them briefly in the past, through photo posts, mainly because … Continue reading

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