matcha cupcakes and honest blogging with monica at delissimon

I’ve posted about tea in New Zealand before, after all it’s the home of Zealong oolong tea. Now I’d like to introduce you to another Kiwi tea connection – Monica has a really inspiring blog, Delissimon, which is where I found these matcha and kiwifruit cupcakes. I frequently mention how I love transparency when it … Continue reading

photo: tea at shoren-in temple, kyoto, japan

matcha at takaragawa onsen: thoughts from an english teacher in tokyo

Jacqueline, a very dear friend of mine from Australia has been living in Tokyo, Japan for the last few years working as an English teacher and tutor. We both share a love of travel and of Japanese green teas, and despite the distance chat all the time, something that I am so very grateful for.  … Continue reading

matcha production: from stone mill to cup

I’ve said before how important I think blogging and photography are for tea companies, I like seeing where my tea comes from and how it’s produced.  In light of that I wanted to share these photos of matcha being produced for Jing tea.  Isn’t that green just amazing! Producing matcha is famously labor intensive – … Continue reading

matcha flavored mochi ice-creams in shibuya, tokyo

Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling. They come in all sorts of flavors including tea-inspired flavors like matcha and sakura. Aren’t they just beautiful! Photo by Deborah Austin at Missing Design. __ If you like what you are reading here, please support tea … Continue reading

matcha green tea macarons

I love matcha.  Matcha desserts and ice creams are a special favorite of mine (have you seen this delicious matcha and coconut ice cream recipe my friend Antony Perring developed? it’s so good!). Christina has a great blog, she’s a real foodie and documents her travels  and gastronomic experiences over at food, je t’aime; and … Continue reading

matcha green tea ice cream

Matcha green tea ice cream: the perfect balance between bitter, sweet & creamy. I remember my first time trying matcha tea ice-cream, it was a mini tub of Haagen Dazs from a vending machine at the hotel we were staying at in Kyoto, way back in 2005.  Then , when we were back in Australia I’d always order it … Continue reading

matcha tea at engaku-ji temple, kamakura, japan

The Engaku-ji temple is located in the city of Kamakura (Kanagawa prefecture) to the south of Tokyo. It is one of the most important Zen Buddhist temple complexes in Japan and was founded in 1282. Photo by Stacey Shintani

pretty pretty yum yum: green tea confectionery

Pretty Pretty Yum Yum is a cute, sometimes Japanese-centric blog by Sydney-sider Amy Richardson.  She has a super post on matcha / green tea confectionery and treats in Japan as well as a great little archive of all things cute, kawaii & green tea. Her green tea archives can be found here, photos via Pretty … Continue reading

hand-thrown tea bowl with matcha

Hand-thrown bowl (pictured here with matcha) by Cyrus the Potter; photography by Stacey via Flickr

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