journey of a tea leaf: a pu-erh photo essay

William is a Frenchman living in China, he has been living over there for the last year; first learning Chinese in Kunming, then he moved to Banna to study tea on-field, with a focus on pu-erh.   William kindly shared this photo essay of his, one on the journey a tea leaf takes to become pu-erh … Continue reading

an interview with jeff fuchs: the tea horse road, living in yunnan and why simplicity equals quality

Jeff  Fuchs is a noted tea writer, traveler and explorer. He was the first Westerner to traverse the Ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the globe’s most arduous journeys and daunting trade routes. This trek took almost eight months to complete,the path of which took tea over 6,000 kilometers into the mighty Himalayas to sate … Continue reading

tea review: orange pu-erh from the chicago tea garden

Without a doubt the main reason I ordered these from The Chicago Tea Garden was because they were just so damn cute.  Pu-erh in a tiny orange? Yes please!  I think life’s to short to not try aged tea in a mini orange (amongst other things!) These tiny oranges, known as clementines in the United … Continue reading

beeng cha pu-erh teacake and japanese teapot

beeng cha pu-erh teacake and japanese teapot

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