photos: t bar tea salon, south australia

This neat little tea salon is in Adelaide, South Australia – I’ll be publishing an interview with Peggy from T Bar in the New Year, but in the meantime enjoy the photos!  I love the cherry red packaging for the tea and the colour coordinated teaware on the display shelf, beautiful! Advertisements

tea store eye candy: a visual tour from chilie to france

I’ve said it previously but to me tea isn’t just about the leaf, and I wanted to share some of the beautiful tea store, tea house and tea retail photos I’ve come across recently – from all over the world. Some of them certainly have a  “kid in a candy store” vibe to them don’t … Continue reading

interview with kevin gascoyne, tea buyer and black tea specalist at camellia sinensis tea house

I first came across the Camellia Sinensis Tea House when I read about the ceramics competition they were holding in the Montreal Gazette. To be honest, now that I have learned so much more about them I’ve come to realize that they might quite possibly be the most perfect tea shop that I have come … Continue reading

tatami mats at indigo tea

Thanks to Chris Giddings, The Tea-Guy, for shaing this tea photo and the story behind it with me: This photo was taken mid September while on a Tea Tour up in Minnesota. My girlfriend and I were on a trip for an expo she wanted to attend so I took the chance to check out the surprisingly … Continue reading

fukiage teahouse: rikugien gardens, tokyo

travel + tea interview: alexis siemons of teaspoons and petals

the travel + tea interviews series: bloggers, writers and photographers sharing about their experiences with tea, travel and writing. __ Tell me about your blog, how did you get to the point you’re at now and what are you thinking of doing next? teaspoons & petals was created in March 2008 when I first discovered … Continue reading

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