cameron highlands: the beginning of a tea journey. a guest post by melanie lee

My earliest memory of drinking tea is in Cameron Highlands, a hillside town in Malaysia where tea plantations are grown 1,500 meters above sea level. Formerly a British colony until 1957, homesick English troops based here used to head up to this cool, mountainous area to escape the tropical humidity, and of course sip tea … Continue reading

nepali tea, organic tea farming and food safety with sarah mohan

I had a chat with Sarah Mohan, a research intern with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), about small tea farms in Nepal. We spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of going green and harvesting tea for the Western tea market; and why even though initially profits are lower for these farmers, they’re still willing … Continue reading

interview: matsu and akky at obubu tea, kyoto, japan

This interview is with two really interesting guys, Matsu and Akky of the Obubu tea plantation, located in Wazuka, in the southern most part of the Kyoto Prefecture, in Kyoto, Japan. A sincere thank-you to Ian Chun of Matcha Latte Media for translating my questions into Japanese, and then translating the answers back into English … Continue reading

growing tea in hawaii: an interveiw with michelle rose at cloudwater tea farm

Michelle Rose started growing tea at Cloudwater Farm near Kilauea on Kauai Island in Hawai’I back in 2002. This tea farm is in an area more know for sugarcane, pineapples and macadamia than for tea, but what’s happening at Cloudwater is really interesting: organic farming, hand rolling and artisan teas. Michelle’s interest in tea started … Continue reading

tea science and technology with nigel melican of tea craft

Over 20 years ago Teacraft started out as a company supplying machinery for the tea making process; and have developed into a world-wide beverage consultancy, providing training, specialist contract research and development.  They cover all phases of tea production from the initial setting up of new ventures, growing tea under marginal conditions, specialized field husbandry … Continue reading

zealong: pure new zealand oolong tea – an interview with vincent chen

Traditionally, oolong tea has always been grown in China and, more recently, Taiwan. These regions have for centuries grown famous oolong varieties such as Tie Guanyin and Da Hong Pao, to name a few.  Now, there is competition joining the ranks of oolong growing countries, from somewhere better know for spectacular landscapes, Peter Jackson films, sheep and outdoor sports, and now, … Continue reading

photo: sungai palas boh tea plantation, cameron highlands

tea planting in the kericho region of kenya

Between the Rift Valley and Lake Victoria, the region of Kericho lies at an altitude of 2,200 metres (7,200 feet); its soil has been impoverished by erosion, but its daily abundance of rain and sunshine makes it suitable for tea-planting. During the harvest, only the top leaves are picked. Every plant has its own unique … Continue reading

photo: tea estate in kerala, india

tea city: munnar, south-west india

I want to write a more in-depth piece on Munnar in the future, after I’ve had the chance to speak with some people that have toured there and lived there.  In the meantime I couldn’t wait to share these amazing photos of this tea town in India. Sprawling tea plantations, picture book towns, winding lanes, … Continue reading

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