tea review: green tea chai from rishi tea

Green Tea Chai (Organic Fair Trade) The description of this tea on the Rishi website includes this phrase “…a well balanced break with tradition…diversion from your usual chai” and really that is spot on. This isn’t your regular chai, it’s what I imagine a chai would have evolved into in South East Asia rather than India.  Bright green tea, loads … Continue reading

tea review: vanilla mint fair trade pu-erh from rishi tea

Vanilla Mint, Organic Fair Trade Pu-erh To be honest, I’m a bit of a pu-erh novice, I’ve had pu-erhs before, and liked them but I’m much better versed in the worlds of greens and oolongs.  Perhaps because this tea has familiar tastes in it, like cinnamon, vanilla and mint, or perhaps it’s because I could brew it chai-style, all milky … Continue reading

tea review: hong yue [ruby black] tea from rishi tea

Hong Yue – Ruby Black Tea from Rishi Tea 2010 was the Year of the Tiger, but for me it’s been The Year of Tea.  Experiencing and experimenting with teas like this Hong Yue are part of the reason why – it’s so unusual, but so good – something that reminds me I have so … Continue reading

tea reveiw: tikuanyin reserve oolong from halcyon tea

I felt very lucky to be trying this tea, a special reserve of Tikuanyin via Halcyon Tea in San Diego.  It arrived with a hand-written note, and a lovely tea quote, which although not directly tea-related absolutely added to the experience for me. This is why I love dealing with tea people, it’s not just … Continue reading

tea review: qingxin spring orchid oolong from rishi tea

Qingxin Spring Orchid Oolong [and a experiment in organic farming] I’m going to say this right off the bat, I love this oolong.  Beautiful little rolled nuggets of leaf,  just waiting to unfurl. It’s quite green for an oolong, and is very floral, but in a botanical, orchids straight from the field way, not in … Continue reading

tea review: genmaicha brown rice tea from obubu tea

I am a big fan of genmaicha tea – it smells strong, sweet, earthy and a lot like popcorn, that’s right, popcorn. When it comes to tea reviews, I’m of the same school of though as Nicole from Tea For Me Please, I can’t write eloquent essays describing the virtues of one type of tea. … Continue reading

tea review: orange pu-erh from the chicago tea garden

Without a doubt the main reason I ordered these from The Chicago Tea Garden was because they were just so damn cute.  Pu-erh in a tiny orange? Yes please!  I think life’s to short to not try aged tea in a mini orange (amongst other things!) These tiny oranges, known as clementines in the United … Continue reading

tea retail in the news: us and canada

Wes Anderson’s Pal Waris Ahluwalia Pops Tea Room Under NYC High Line – Fast Company [October 2010] A tea room dedicated to love and history, the pop-up space is Ahluwalia’s latest foray into creative, cultural entrepreneurship. On offer are silver needle, Masala Chai, Assam teas, and of course Darjeeling–and all are from India. Adagio opens … Continue reading

tea review: tipu’s instant black chai

Most of the tea I drink is just leaves and water, milky teas are a bit of a treat, a bit like dessert in a glass. For me, matcha lattes and chai fall into this category.  When I opened the my instant black chai sample that Tipu’s sent me, I was immediately hit with the … Continue reading

tea + travel interview: nicole from tea for me please

the travel + tea interviews series: bloggers, writers and photographers sharing about their experiences with tea, travel and writing. __ Tell me about your blog, how did you get to the point you’re at now and what are you thinking of doing next. I started my blog about two years ago. I had been a … Continue reading

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