tea and wine with peggy veloudos of t-bar tea salon, south australia

The T-Bar is a specialty teahouse located in Adelaide, South Australia.  Having been around since 1999, they have seen the Australian tea landscape change over the years; they also know a thing or two about what makes for a great teahouse atmosphere. T-bar is the kind of place to come, enjoy a pot, learn and relax.  They have … Continue reading

photo: tea store window at lupica tea, hawaii

photos: t bar tea salon, south australia

This neat little tea salon is in Adelaide, South Australia – I’ll be publishing an interview with Peggy from T Bar in the New Year, but in the meantime enjoy the photos!  I love the cherry red packaging for the tea and the colour coordinated teaware on the display shelf, beautiful!

tea store eye candy: a visual tour from chilie to france

I’ve said it previously but to me tea isn’t just about the leaf, and I wanted to share some of the beautiful tea store, tea house and tea retail photos I’ve come across recently – from all over the world. Some of them certainly have a  “kid in a candy store” vibe to them don’t … Continue reading

enviable in-store events and a love affair with japanese sencha: james bowman of halcyon tea

I first came across Halcyon Tea a little while ago and have featured one of their beautiful tea-tasting photos before, in this post.  They have so many elements that I really love in a tea store, they run lots of in-store tea events and tastings, they blog and take wonderful, wonderful tea photos. James and … Continue reading

david hepburn on british tea culture, tea buying and looking for the perfect tie guan yin

David Hepburn, the Online Sales and Marketing Manager for JING Tea took some time to answer my questions on British tea culture, tea buying, looking for the perfect Tie Guan Yin and the world of tea photography. Part of the reason I love companies like this (Obubu Tea, Camellia Sinensis and Rishi Tea are just … Continue reading

beyond the tea store: why blogging and photography are important for tea companies

I love this photo. Seeing things like this remind me I have so much more to learn about tea, and that I always will.  I imagine that this man has been around tea his whole life, a life which is already more than twice as long as mine. What I’d give to just sit and … Continue reading

tea retail in the news: us and canada

Wes Anderson’s Pal Waris Ahluwalia Pops Tea Room Under NYC High Line – Fast Company [October 2010] A tea room dedicated to love and history, the pop-up space is Ahluwalia’s latest foray into creative, cultural entrepreneurship. On offer are silver needle, Masala Chai, Assam teas, and of course Darjeeling–and all are from India. Adagio opens … Continue reading

cha-an japanese tea house review, east village, new york

Yunkie over at the Food Travel Blog has done a review of the Cha-an Japanese Tea House in New York.  To see more beautiful photos and to read the full review just click here to go and visit. Yunkie has a real eye for food and travel photography, and you can see some more tea … Continue reading

tea touring in minnesota: hunan brick tea at tea source

Thanks to Chris Giddings, The Tea-Guy, for sharing this tea photo and the story behind it with me: This photo was taken mid September while on a Tea Tour up in Minnesota. My girlfriend and I were on a trip for an expo she wanted to attend so I took the chance to check out the surprisingly … Continue reading

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