an interview with jeff fuchs: the tea horse road, living in yunnan and why simplicity equals quality

Jeff  Fuchs is a noted tea writer, traveler and explorer. He was the first Westerner to traverse the Ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the globe’s most arduous journeys and daunting trade routes. This trek took almost eight months to complete,the path of which took tea over 6,000 kilometers into the mighty Himalayas to sate … Continue reading

india’s tea tourists: tea lovers unite and say hello! to tea tourism

This piece on India and tea tourism was written by Meera Dattani and published in NRI in April this year (and is reproduced with her permission).  Meera has the kind of job that I truly covet, traveling and writing professionally, all the while covering topics like tea, food and travel.  You can read her travel writing … Continue reading

toy train journeys in india: tea estate travel

In the last week there have been two really great pieces written about some of the great Toy Train rail journey in India, and the tea estates and farms you can see along the way. This piece from Lonely Planet by Amelia Thomas: “Arriving in New Jalpaiguri, it is still a three hour drive up … Continue reading

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