top posts: march 2011

Top posts for March 2011: [Guest Post] Yerba Maté: a love story written by Torre DeRoche Tea Design: Q&A with tea illustrator Hennie Haworth Tea Marketing: an interview with Lindsey Goodwin [and some observations by Deb on tea branding and styling] Zealong: pure New Zealand oolong tea – an interview with Vincent Chen Stay in … Continue reading

top posts: february 2011

Top posts for February 2011: travelling teadom: an interview with blogger and photographer Sriparna Ghosh. This site is absolutely one of my new favourites! tea processing chart – a super little chart explaining the journey from leaf to cup, one leaf so many possibilities… tea marketing: an interview with lindsey goodwin. T2 tea store: ‘T2’ … Continue reading

tea marketing: an interview with lindsey goodwin

How do you go about marketing a product, found the world over, that all stems from one plant?  After all, all tea comes from Camellia sinensis (or a varietal of it), and yet there are thousands of different tea retailers out there selling all types of tea under all sorts of brands.  Many of them … Continue reading

top posts: january 2011

Top posts for January 2011: temple tea: a photo tour of the tea house at the nan tien temple, a buddhist temple in woolongong, australia matcha cupcakes and my take on honest blogging – a small, but special, feature on monica over at delisimon an interview with vncent chen from zealong: oolong tea grown in … Continue reading

most read tea & travel interviews of 2010

I’ve published 118 posts this year, interviews, tea reviews, photos of amazing tea places and teaware, collaborative efforts, guest posts and photo essays.  I’m going to publish a couple of Top 4’s on a couple of different themes and regions for the year that was.  These four posts were the most read one-on-one interviews on … Continue reading

social media for tea companies – q and a with five tea retailers

I’m of the belief that social media can be a very useful part of a company’s advertising and communications strategy, but it is just a part, not the be all and end all.  After all, a successful business is a profitable one, not just one with the most Twitter followers. Tony Gebely said that “social … Continue reading

top posts: november 2010

Top posts for November 2010: guest post: a how to guide to macro tea photography with brandon of wrong fu cha tea review: qingxin spring orchid oolong from rishi tea tea design: teapots and tea bowls from clair at clamlab matcha production: from stone mill to cup

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