tea photography: travelling teadom with sriparna ghosh

This photo is from one of my favourite photographers, Sriparna Ghosh of the tea and photography site Travelling Teadom. I asked Sriparna to say a few words, explaining the story behind this photo. This photo was taken while I was in a quaint wooden lodge overlooking snow peaks, in the middle of winter, more than … Continue reading

photo: flagstaff house museum of teaware, hong kong

Built in the 1840s, Flagstaff House originally served as the office and residence of the Commander of the British Forces in Hong Kong. It was converted to the Museum of Tea Ware in 1984, with a new wing, The K.S. Lo Gallery, added in 1995.  Alongside its exhibitions, the Museum holds regular demonstrations, tea gatherings … Continue reading

tea, travel and photography: travelling teadom

Sriparna Ghosh is the person behind one of my new favourite websites, Travelling Teadom; and I think perhaps, my long lost twin. She also runs a graphic design firm out of New Delhi, India and is a keen photographer, you can find more of her photography on Flickr. I asked Sriparna to tell me a … Continue reading

photo: tea pots on the camp fire

temple tea: nan tien temple in wollongong, australia

This series of photos were taken at the Nan Tien Temple, the name literally means “paradise of the south” in English and it is the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere.   The temple is located in the Wollongong area of NSW, Australia (which is just outside Sydney) and they have a beautiful on-site tea house … Continue reading

photo: street-side tea in korea

photo: lijian market, along the tea horse road, yunnan, china

The town of Lijian has a history going back more than 800 years and was once a confluence for trade along the old tea horse road. Jeff  Fuchs is a noted tea writer, traveler and explorer; he was the first Westerner to traverse the Ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the globe’s most arduous journeys … Continue reading

tea store eye candy: a visual tour from chilie to france

I’ve said it previously but to me tea isn’t just about the leaf, and I wanted to share some of the beautiful tea store, tea house and tea retail photos I’ve come across recently – from all over the world. Some of them certainly have a  “kid in a candy store” vibe to them don’t … Continue reading

photo: tea in the sahara

journey of a tea leaf: a pu-erh photo essay

William is a Frenchman living in China, he has been living over there for the last year; first learning Chinese in Kunming, then he moved to Banna to study tea on-field, with a focus on pu-erh.   William kindly shared this photo essay of his, one on the journey a tea leaf takes to become pu-erh … Continue reading

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