tea design: q&a with tea illustrator hennie haworth

What is your inspiration when designing, are there other designers or external sources that you draw upon.   Mostly when I’m drawing I look for the colours and patterns in things. This tea range has been great for that, with all the decoration and shapes in old fashioned bone china to play with. On a … Continue reading

tea science and technology with nigel melican of tea craft

Over 20 years ago Teacraft started out as a company supplying machinery for the tea making process; and have developed into a world-wide beverage consultancy, providing training, specialist contract research and development.  They cover all phases of tea production from the initial setting up of new ventures, growing tea under marginal conditions, specialized field husbandry … Continue reading

tea design: a storm in a tea cup with rachel wilson in oxford, england

I love tea, I love the leaves and water, but to me tea culture is more than just the leaf, it’s about the artisan teapots and teacups, about the teahouses and the ritual of preparing tea.  In light of that, welcome to another interview in this tea design interview series. This interview is with Rachel … Continue reading

chinese tea buying, yixing zisha teapots and saying ‘no!’ to flavored tea with jennifer wood of the canton tea co.

The Canton Tea Co. are a specalist Chinese teas retailer, based out of the UK.  I had a chat to Jennifer Wood, one of the co-founders about choosing not to sell flavored teas, her favorite tea-ware and learning from the best in the tea business. Jennifer also worked for many years as a copywriter – … Continue reading

david hepburn on british tea culture, tea buying and looking for the perfect tie guan yin

David Hepburn, the Online Sales and Marketing Manager for JING Tea took some time to answer my questions on British tea culture, tea buying, looking for the perfect Tie Guan Yin and the world of tea photography. Part of the reason I love companies like this (Obubu Tea, Camellia Sinensis and Rishi Tea are just … Continue reading

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