[guest post] yerba maté: a love story written by torre deroche

I’d never heard of yerba maté until I met an Argentinean man. In the early days of our fling, I’d stay over at his apartment, and the first thing he’d do in the morning was prepare his maté. He’d spoon tea leaves into a rustic wooden cup, stick a decorative metal straw inside it and … Continue reading

an interview with tyler gage on guayusa tea, fair trade and agroforestry in the amazon

Guayusa (pronounced “why-you-suh”) tea comes from a plant that is native to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, and is perhaps easily described as a cousin of yerba maté.  It’s a tea with a complex and revered social story, for many Ecuadorian indigenous people the morning drinking of guayusa is a social ritual; with families gathering at dawn … Continue reading

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